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"Along with the expected Battle of the Box Office Dinosaurs, every truly successful summer movie seasons needs an underdog, a modest movie that has the heart and soul most of the big budget blockbusters just don't seem to have.
This summer already has that film: The Flying Scotsman."
  John Black, Boston Now

"...this is an impressively directed, sharply written and superbly acted film that tells a fascinating and emotionally gripping story." Matthew Turner DVD NewsOn sale from 18 September 2007, order your North America Region 1 DVD of The Flying Scotsman at our shop - The Flying Scotsman Shop - North America and pre-order the Region 2 DVD for the UK and Europe for delivery from 5 November 2007 at The Flying Scotsman Shop on Amazon




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03.05.2007 - Glen Sumi in Now Magazine has an interview with Jonny Lee Miller (it includes some audio clips - this helps you appreciate just how good his Scottish accent is!) and a short review - ..."director Mackinnon and Miller are sensitive, not sentimental, in their exploration of depression. Good supporting work, too, from Billy Boyd and Brian Cox. It'll make you dust off your bike and hit the road."

02.05.2007 - The has an interview with Jonny Lee Miller again talking about the film.

02.05.2007 - Another 5 Star review on Times Online (New Zealand) Barbara Weil writes "The Flying Scotsman is a hard film to find fault with" and "it’s simply a must-see film."

01.05.2007 - IMDb is now listing a 28 June 2007 release date for Singapore

01.05.2007 - Emily S. Mendel on writes of Jonny Lee Millers performance as Graeme Obree - "His performance in The Flying Scotsman is inspired, nuanced and genuine"

30.04.2007 - The YouTube trailer has now passed 25,000 viewings

30.04.2007 - Click here to see a first class interview with Jonny Lee Miller by Capone on Ain't It Cool where he gives some interesting information about the film.

30.04.2007 - The Flying Scotsman was in the top 5 most viewed films in New Zealand over it's first weekend!

Verve Pictures (no details on the site yet) are now listed as being the distributor of The Flying Scotsman in the UK. 6th July is still listed as the release date.

27.04.2007 - Michael Tarry in Thread writes Jonny Lee Miller "creates here a picture of depression that is appropriately disturbing and entirely believable" and " in the case of The Flying Scotsman, “tender” and “inspirational” mean exactly what they are supposed to."

26.04.2007 - New Zealand Woman's Weekly gives The Flying Scotsman a 4 Star review - "a compelling & heart-warming film"

26.04.2007 - The National Business Review in New Zealand has published a video review

26.04.2007 - The New Zealand Herald gives The Flying Scotsman a 4 Star review! More later...

25.04.2007 - A post on IMDb indicates a packed cinema in Christchurch, New Zealand. More box office information to follow when available.

25.04.2007 - The New Zealand Herald gives The Flying Scotsman a 4 Star review! More later...

25.04.2007 - A post on IMDb indicates a packed cinema in Christchurch, New Zealand. More box office information to follow when available.

22.04.2007 - YouTube trailer has now passed 20,000 views

21.04.2007 - Watch out for the advertising campaign about to start on New Zealand TV and book your tickets at your local cinema

21.04.2007 - Link to Fantasy Moguls added to the site - click here to find out more

20.04.2007 - The Flying Scotsman is due to be released in German cinemas on 5th July 2007. (Danke, Jurgen Lang)

20.04.2007 - New Zealand Charity Preview sold out!

19.04.2007 - Variety is reporting a deal which will lead to The Flying Scotsman being shown in Germany - click here for more information

18.04.2007 - Details of screening times in Washington DC should be available shortly - click to go to the E Street Cinema

12.04.2007 - indicates today that a 6th July release in the UK has been announced. Jonny Lee Miller comments "The Flying Scotsman is a positive, uplifting film, a combination of strong characters, good dialogue and a wonderfully inspiring story of a family overcoming huge obstacles together.

"Playing a living person was nerve-wracking and quite a responsibility, especially as Graeme was on set so often. In preparation for the role I trained for months and every day during filming, even if it meant getting up at four in the morning!"


07.04.2007 - Jonny Lee Miller was in Philadelphia holding a question and answer session following the screening of The Flying Scotsman.

Jonny Lee Miller at the Philadelphia Film Festival

04.04.2007 - Today's news release from the 16th Philadelphia Film Festival reports that Jonny Lee Miller, who plays the part of Graeme Obree, is in town for the Centerpiece Screening of The Flying Scotsman at 9.45pm on Friday April 6th at the Ritz East Theater 1 - click here to book tickets. The Flying Scotsman is presently the 2nd highest rated film out of nearly 300 being shown in the festival. 


01.04.2007 - Just released, the official MGM production notes for The Flying Scotsman, including interviews with, and information about, the cast including Jonny Lee Miller, Brian Cox, Billy Boyd and Laura Fraser, the Director Douglas Mackinnon, one of the writers Simon Rose and Graeme Obree himself - click here for the MGM production notes

31.03.2007 - A Charity preview of The Flying Scotsman is being held on 23rd April 2007 (Lido Cinema, 427 Manukau Road, Epsom, Auckland) to support the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand. Please click here to arrange to purchase tickets. Also if you live near Auckland click here to have a chance to WIN tickets for a screening at View

30.03.2007 - MGM's official The Flying Scotsman trailer on YouTube has now had 8000 views.

28.03.2007 - Many thanks to Rialto Distribution for the list of nearly 40 cinemas currently scheduled to be screening The Flying Scotsman in New Zealand from the 25th April 2007 - others may be added - please click here for the list.

28.03.2007 - WIN - Users in New Zealand have a chance to win passes to see The Flying Scotsman. You can enter via the New Zealand page. 27.03.2007 - Click here to go to MGM's website for a higher quality version of the trailer. There are also options available there for users with slower connection speeds.

27.03.2007 - MGM is now listing The Flying Scotsman as opening in the following North American cities, Boston, Chicago, Houston, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto and Washington DC on 4th May 2007. MGM's poster still indicates 20th April as does IMDb.

26.03.2007 - WIN - If you live in or near Boston, USA, you have a chance to get tickets to see a Special Advance Screening of MGM's The Flying Scotsman by clicking on this link which will take you to Edge Boston

IMDb is now listing a July 6th 2007 release date for The Flying Scotsman in the UK. Also the official MGM trailer on YouTube has now been seen by more than 5500 people.

                             Photo Credit: Distributed by MGM Distribution Co. All rights reserved.

An alternative trailer is included in a preview of films to be DNC Entertainment - click here to view the trailer

The Philadelphia story! The Flying Scotsman is to be given a Centerpiece Screening at the Philadelphia Film Festival. The screening is scheduled for 9.45pm on Friday April 6th at the Ritz East Theater 1 - click here to book tickets

MGM have now released an official trailer on YouTube. Simply click on the button in the middle of the screen below to view it.


Filmstalker for getting a quote on the New Zealand cinema poster to be used for the 25th April opening.


(click on poster for larger image)



Rialto Distribution are now listing a 26th July 2007 opening in Australia.

Rialto Cinemas in New Zealand are now listing a release date for The Flying Scotsman of 25th April 2007. Rialto Distribution are responsible for distribution in Australia..

Reports on the net (IMDb message board) are now suggesting that The Flying Scotsman will be released in the UK on July 7th.

An Australian website,, is suggesting The Flying Scotsman movie will be released there on 12 July 2007 - more news will follow if this can be confirmed.

Reports on the net suggest that a wider release in the United States seems likely on 20th April 2007. We will let you know if this is confirmed.

Best wishes for 2007 - a year when we hope everyone will get the chance to see The Flying Scotsman.

Latest News - The Flying Scotsman has been given a PG13 rating in the US - click here for details of what the Motion Picture of America rating means

IMDb indicates June 2nd 2007 as the release date in Italy.




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