"Along with the expected Battle of the Box Office Dinosaurs, every truly successful summer movie seasons needs an underdog, a modest movie that has the heart and soul most of the big budget blockbusters just don't seem to have.
This summer already has that film: The Flying Scotsman."
  John Black, Boston Now

"...this is an impressively directed, sharply written and superbly acted film that tells a fascinating and emotionally gripping story." Matthew Turner DVD NewsOn sale from 18 September 2007, order your North America Region 1 DVD of The Flying Scotsman at our shop - The Flying Scotsman Shop - North America and pre-order the Region 2 DVD for the UK and Europe for delivery from 5 November 2007 at The Flying Scotsman Shop on Amazon




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What people have said about The Flying Scotsman movie

The Flying Scotsman - Jonny Lee Miller as Graeme Obree
Photo Credit: Distributed by MGM Distribution Co. All Rights Reserved.

"Told with a cinematic sweep"  Allan Hunter - Screen International

"...some of the most exciting and tense moments I've seen on screen in a long time. A must see movie." Filmstalker

"Inspirational biopic." msn.com

"Jonny Lee Miller gives probably his best performance to date."  The Scotsman

"...a rich, honest and unusually considerate film"  Nicola Osbourne

"Great movie!"  Jack McConnell, First Minister of Scotland

"Thrillingly cinematic"  Empire

"...a riveting story of Scottish innovation."  IOFilm

"Graeme’s pioneering "Superman Position" remains one of the most defining images in the history of world cycling." IGN.com                                  

Irene Oldfather, Member of the Scottish Parliament "commends the sensitive way in which the director of the film, Douglas Mackinnon, portrays the personal hurdles of bullying and depression which Graeme overcame to allow him to pursue his sporting dream and believes that this will set a positive example for Scottish young people"

Judi Clements, Chief Executive of the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand prior to the sold out Charity Preview of The Flying Scotsman said "This is a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness of depression through a powerful personal story. Depression can be serious and will affect one in six New Zealanders at some point in their lives. The film reiterates the depression campaign messages of hope and shows people that depression it is not something they have to go through on their own."





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