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"Along with the expected Battle of the Box Office Dinosaurs, every truly successful summer movie seasons needs an underdog, a modest movie that has the heart and soul most of the big budget blockbusters just don't seem to have.
This summer already has that film: The Flying Scotsman."
  John Black, Boston Now

"...this is an impressively directed, sharply written and superbly acted film that tells a fascinating and emotionally gripping story." Matthew Turner DVD NewsOn sale from 18 September 2007, order your North America Region 1 DVD of The Flying Scotsman at our shop - The Flying Scotsman Shop - North America and pre-order the Region 2 DVD for the UK and Europe for delivery from 5 November 2007 at The Flying Scotsman Shop on Amazon




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The Book - You've seen the film, now you must read the book on which it is based! Flying Scotsman : Cycling to Triumph Through My Darkest Hours (ISBN-10: 1931382727 ISBN-13: 978-1931382724) is considered by many to be one of, and possibly the best sporting autobiography ever written! Here are some reviewers comments with links to the full reviews. The book is available world-wide via good book stores.

In his review of Flying Scotsman : Cycling to Triumph Through My Darkest Hours Richard Pettinger writes "As well as being a great cycling book, Obree's autobiography gives a telling insight into the mindset of a depressive. At times it can make for difficult reading as you get a glimpse into the mental torment he went through at certain times. Yet you admire his honesty and courage in telling of his inner demons."

"This is not a book about bicycling or championship, it is a portrait of one man's struggle to triumph through his darkest hours" - Garuch on Pedal Pushers Online

Gary Cummins on says the book is "A heart-rending story, at times painfully written in his own words". To read his full review please click here    

New "Good health is the best achievement of them all for Obree" Martin Greig, The Herald


Magazine Article - A number of film reviewers have questioned the need for the ruthlessly villainous official played by Steven Berkoff. Graeme Obree did have to contend with difficult officials who were actually more like cartoon characters. His book tells the story but you may want to have a look at an article appearing online at The story is told of events following Graeme winning the gold medal in the World Championships for the individual pursuit

"The International Cycling Union (UCI), however, rewarded him by ruling against the ingenious Obree position, but only announced the decision to its inventor the morning he was to defend his pursuit title during the 1994 Championships in Sicily.

Faced with certain disqualification, Obree nevertheless rode the qualifying rounds where he posted the third-fastest time-an ideal position going into the final-despite the efforts by UCI president Hein Verbruggen to physically force him off the track.

"It was a game of brinkmanship," Obree recalls. "Ian Emerson (a British official) was vice-president of the UCI and was party to the decision the night before but did not transmit it to us until the morning when we got there. We decided to go any way. After having flags waved at me, Hein Verbruggen walked out on the track and I just aimed right at him. If he didn't move out of the way I would have smacked him. I didn't give a shit. This was about a kilometer and a half to go and I thought, 'f#*k it I'm finishing this race."" - Go to for the full article.


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