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"Along with the expected Battle of the Box Office Dinosaurs, every truly successful summer movie seasons needs an underdog, a modest movie that has the heart and soul most of the big budget blockbusters just don't seem to have.
This summer already has that film: The Flying Scotsman."
  John Black, Boston Now

"...this is an impressively directed, sharply written and superbly acted film that tells a fascinating and emotionally gripping story." Matthew Turner DVD NewsOn sale from 18 September 2007, order your North America Region 1 DVD of The Flying Scotsman at our shop - The Flying Scotsman Shop - North America and pre-order the Region 2 DVD for the UK and Europe for delivery from 5 November 2007 at The Flying Scotsman Shop on Amazon




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The Fantasy Moguls website has published some very positive comments regarding The Flying Scotsman and it's likely performance in North America.

Nicodemus the Sage describes the movie as "an incredible story -- a real-world medley of Rudy, Rocky, Chariots of Fire and The Hurricane, with shades of A Beautiful Mind tossed in"

He also writes that he is "absolutely convinced that The Flying Scotsman is poised to become a sports film for the ages. Its timelessness goes hand-in-hand with its integrity; its beauty IS its truth."

He goes on to say "(Jonny Lee) Miller delivers a vulnerable, accessible, even courageous (BAFTA-nominated) performance" and "this might just be the very best work Billy Boyd (The Lord of the Rings) has ever done"

Nicodemus the Sage also states that "this is a film that could (and probably should) get a wider release"

Click here to get the full review.

You may ask what Fantasy Moguls all about?

Well Fantasy Moguls lets you create your own fantasy movie studio with a slate of real-life movies! As those movies perform well in the real world, so does your fantasy studio. Play against or with your friends as fellow moguls, and meet a community of fellow movie lovers. It's like fantasy baseball, football, cricket or rugby, except for movies!

It sounds like good fun! A new game starts on 4th May (the day The Flying Scotsman is released in North America) so if you've always wanted to be a Movie Mogul why not go to the Fantasy Moguls to find out more and how to sign up!



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