The Flying Scotsman

"Along with the expected Battle of the Box Office Dinosaurs, every truly successful summer movie seasons needs an underdog, a modest movie that has the heart and soul most of the big budget blockbusters just don't seem to have.
This summer already has that film: The Flying Scotsman."
  John Black, Boston Now

"...this is an impressively directed, sharply written and superbly acted film that tells a fascinating and emotionally gripping story." Matthew Turner DVD NewsOn sale from 18 September 2007, order your North America Region 1 DVD of The Flying Scotsman at our shop - The Flying Scotsman Shop - North America and pre-order the Region 2 DVD for the UK and Europe for delivery from 5 November 2007 at The Flying Scotsman Shop on Amazon




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Jonny Lee Miller as Graeme Obree - The Flying Scotsman
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DVD NewsOn sale from 18 September 2007, order your North America Region 1 DVD of The Flying Scotsman at our shop - The Flying Scotsman Shop - North America and pre-order the Region 2 DVD for the UK and Europe for delivery from 5 November 2007 at The Flying Scotsman Shop on Amazon

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"Obree is excellently played by Jonny Lee Miller ... We recommend everybody takes the time to see this film." David Arthur, RoadCyclingUK

"Director Douglas Mackinnon makes the move from TV to feature film with some style to make this an enjoyable and well crafted film. Jonny Lee Miller delivers a powerful performance as Graeme Obree; his genuine commitment the role is evident throughout." Kevin Stanley, Eye for Film

Variety reports "Trade magazine Treffpunkt Kino called "The Flying Scotsman" "a winner," praising topliner Johnny Lee Miller for a "charismatic, terrific performance."

8/10"Miller works tirelessly as the hag-ridden cyclist, but Boyd, as his manager and long-time pal, and Fraser as his upbeat wife, are just as good, and contribute much to the warmth of character that leaves a lump in the throat at the end." David Quinlan,

"Mackinnon’s direction allows the characters in THE FLYING SCOTSMAN to shine; Miller convincingly portrays a complex character for whom nothing comes simply and nothing can be taken for granted. Imbued with emotional resonance and offering a loving tribute to both Scotland and the world of cycling, THE FLYING SCOTSMAN has something for everyone." Film Circuit

"Rather than checking into Hostel II, enjoy the brevity of Shrek. Better still, get on your bike" (Our highlighting- no apologies!) Mark Kermode, The Observer

"I'm delighted to report...a small British triumph…Jonny Lee Miller in easily his most intelligent screen performance to date…A thoroughly involving story." Christopher Tookey, Daily Mail.

Daily Record - Saturday Plus At the Movies - "A triumph over adversity classic"

Mark Kermode, BBC Radio Five Live "The nice thing about it's just one of those kind of good old fashioned ....decent kind of movies about ordinary people doing something slightly extraordinary and therefore becoming better as a result of it."

 out of 4 "This film is a real winner. GO SEE." Johnny Vaughan, The Sun "The Flying Scotsman is a superbly acted, emotionally engaging and ultimately uplifting drama that tells a fascinating true story. Recommended." Matthew Turner

Time Out "... the film has a pleasant feel-good factor tempered by moments of melancholy. Given the budgetary restraints, feature debutant Douglas Mackinnon’s made a fine fist of a great little underdog story." Derek Adams - Source : Time Out London Issue 1923: June 27-July July 3 2007

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Click here "Graeme Obree discusses The Flying Scotsman In this interview on YouTube Graeme Obree recounts his experience of being involved in the production of the film, how he enjoyed seeing Miller portray him, the importance of the support of his wife and what cycling means to him. This video also includes clips from the film and trailer and production shots.

For information about Simon Rose: Creator, Screenwriter & Executive Producer

Click here for footage of Graeme Obree (not Jonny Lee Miller) breaking the World Hour Record in 1993. He really did break the record in an almost empty velodrome - no crowds spurring him on, just one amazing man and his amazing bike!

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Latest quotes"Graeme’s pioneering "Superman Position" remains one of the most defining images in the history of world cycling."Michael Tarry in Thread writes Jonny Lee Miller "creates here a picture of depression that is appropriately disturbing and entirely believable" and " in the case of The Flying Scotsman, “tender” and “inspirational” mean exactly what they are supposed to."-"I'm absolutely convinced that The Flying Scotsman is poised to become a sports film for the ages. Its timelessness goes hand-in-hand with its integrity; its beauty IS its truth."  Nicodemus the Sage"This looks like the best biking movie since Breaking Away"     The Deets

Movie Poster Image for The Flying Scotsman5 November 2007 - The Big Story

The Flying Scotsman DVD goes on sale in the UK on 5 November 2007

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The Flying Scotsman - From a humble background in Ayrshire, Scotland, Graeme Obree (Jonny Lee Miller) always had to fight for survival. As a grown man, nothing had changed. When his beloved bicycle shop went bust, Graeme had neither the money nor the sponsorship necessary to realize his dream; to compete at the highest level of world cycling. But it was always clear from his complete passion for the sport and his many local wins that he was destined for greatness. With the unwavering support of his wife Anne (Laura Fraser) – despite the fact that they had recently had their first baby – and the help of his close friend and newly-appointed manager Malky (Billy Boyd), he persevered. With the use of the work shop (and occasional mentoring) of a friendly and peaceful minister, Baxter (Brian Cox) - and of course his racing bike ‘Old Faithful’ - Graeme was finally on his way to the Hamar Velodrome in Norway and the chance to go for the prestigious World Hour Record.

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